Does the points cost for UM Terminus Ultra already include it’s weapons all those lascannons to a normal Land Raider would theoretically be. UNIT: 1 Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider. WEAPON RANGE STR AP SPECIAL Lascannon 48″ 9 2 Heavy 1. TYPE: Tank. ARMOUR SPECIAL RULES. The Land Raider Terminus Ultra is a rare configuration of the standard Land Raider given over to power generation and regulation, the Terminus Ultra can still.

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The more you load it down with guns the less dudes it carries. Being able to only have a transport capacity of 5.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Daemon Engines of Nurgle: The only issue is that you will not want to move your tanks to increase the likelihood of hitting. Version number can be found on bottom right of the document. The Land Raider is in the same boat and also uses its defensive armament effectively but its height is probably termknus transportation capacity. Newer Post Older Post Home.

It can use different shells to destroy infantry, light vehicles, and heavy vehicles all from a platform easily capable of keeping up with mechanized elements and dueling heavy tanks. Its armor is impervious to the Lance and Melta special rules and most other weapons suffer a -1 on armor penetration rolls essentially its armor is the same as a Necron Monolith’s prior to the 5th Edition codex, it’s just that the rules are given different names.

It’s the only Land Raider that can’t penetrate the armour of another Land Raider, so keep it away from tanks. There are a lot of heavy glue stains all over this model.

DO NOT rzider point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. The earlier Achilles Alpha prototype swapped the Thunderfire Cannon for a Quad Mortar and was equipped with twin-linked Volkite Culverins as sponson weapons.


They just replaced the main cargo transport capacity and use that empty space to mount a giant fucking gun on the top. Once the thing’s been made suitably Orkyit makes for a great Battlewagon, and though most Orks extensively modify the design until little of the vehicle’s original shape remains, a few enterprising Orks like the boxy design of the Land Raider, and modify their vehicle accordingly. Being in the vehicle armoury doesn’t make them upgrades.

This is the old, goofy-looking Rogue Trader Raider, all grown up.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra

This message was edited 1 time. Well, because this monster packs quite the punch. It is said they were made in rememberance of ancient Terra’s chariots. So terminjs shall be for a thousand times a thousand years, unto the very end of eternity and the extinction of mortal flesh.

Land Raider

Usually things cost about 1 power per 20 points assuming some upgrades. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. No No NO No it doesn’t Drop Pod – Corvus Blackstar. To say the rules were unbalanced would be an understatement. Starting fresh, the Knight Paladin wins out here. The Grey Knight version is also notable Psycannon Bolts help this thing a lot since rulex pretty much the only heavy tank Daemonhunters get.

For example, the White Scars only have four of these Land Raiders. Fantasy Flight brings the goods!

It was originally designed by the Red Scorpionswho didn’t trust the Imperial Guard to provide them with artillery support. I made a bit of an error too, the Cerberus is pts with lascannon sponsons. Which it does and to great effect. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. The Vortimer not doing enough in clearing out those pesky ethereal creatures from the Warp? Especially given that if it were pts you could just get two Phobos and you’d be getting twice the hull points, two twin heavy bolters, and two ten-model transport bays for another hundred points, which seems like the real bargain here.

In terms of appearance, a Land Raider is basically a cross between giant World War I Mark series tank and a modern armored fighting vehicle. The Achilles Pattern is a giant derpy hunk of metal, bristling with guns and designed to get in close, firing off heavy firepower before discharging its payload of troops right into enemy formations.


Sign In Don’t have an account? A Rhino Transport grown several orders of magnitude too large, the mighty Land Raider is one of the biggest available tanks that Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines raidsr field.

Still, the original seed of the idea was solid — it was just an unfortunate implementation. It also lacks the frontal assault ramp and the Assault Vehicle rule, so don’t even think about using this to drop termies.

Because of course the Furries need another special vehicle to suit their special snowflake needs. I dont think its a named tank and certainly not unique. It mounts a devastating Thunderfire Cannon which is a massive quad-barreled mortar that can cause several flavors of infantry death and twin-linked Multi-Melta sponsons, but it carries only 6 people that means only three termieshave no assault ramp and costs more than Ares lad Terminus Ultra – generally those 6 places are for techmarine and his servitor retinue, or for command squad loaded with Plasmaguns.

Help!!! Terminus ultra land raider 8th edition? : Warhammer40k

But ultimately I think a knight will be more fun to model, especially if Chaos. It has Assault Vehicle like the loyalist, meaning that troops exiting it can terminuss the same turn, and it can be further specialized as an assault transport with Daemonic Possession, Extra Armor, and Dirge Caster. Something listed in the Armoury is not the same as being an Upgrade, I’m fairly sure. Here we have a set of simple player decisions based on weapon hardpoints that affect the carrying capacity of the Land Raider.

I’m buying one because of Mortation T