Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger – The bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing is back with a delicious novel. The Devil Wears Prada author Weisberger delivers a hilarious, silly and entirely Chasing Harry Winston. Lauren Weisberger, Author. Three single gals on the cusp of turning the big shake up their romantic lives and deal with the consequences. That Adriana, Emmy and.

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When people bought that admittedly interesting, albeit horribly written book, it perpetuated a book deal and now she won’t stop writing. She possesses the kind of feminine wiles made only in Brazil, and she never hesitates to use them. Quotes from Chasing Harry Win Well, at least for Adriana and Emmy.

Dec 10, Lonica rated it did not like it Shelves: Emmy, Adriana and Leigh and a year in which they plan to change their lives. You read the wjnston, and think ok, this could be good.

Leigh’s story was the one I was most fascinated with.

The three, supposedly heroine, girls are tarts and there is no nicer way to describe them; none has anything that might be l Bad, very bad, awfully bad. Jeanine’s books in 5 12 Feb 13, Do Brazilians use the word querida to mean hzrry else? It was sold in thirty-one foreign countries and made into a major motion picture by Fox starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

Technically, the book didn’t work.

Each woman starts the year with the best of intentions—which is exactly why the pact goes immediately, and exceptionally, awry. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The biggest problem I have with this book, beyond the basic boring insipdness of the plot, is that Weisberger doesn’t seem to know her characters. Adriana pledges to settle down within a year, Emmy wants to whore it up all across the globe, and Leigh wants to do something she just doesn’t know what.

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Best scene in story: Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger. But she’s about to turn thirty and – as her mother keeps reminding her – she won’t have her pick of the men forever. It also isn’t believable that Emmy and Adriana wouldn’t confide their problems to each other.


Opinion about the main character: The same logic can be applied to this complete disaster of a book. Some sort of life? I understand what it’s like to work in Chasign.

I think I am just avoiding housework but the pile of laundry is starting to look more appealing. I have to say they are much more glaring when one of the characters is supposed to be an editor!

Detailed Review Summary of Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger

Even years after, I still remember the horror I felt all through this. Good book that makes you laugh a lot sometimes, but at some point in my reading process, I got bored The ending was appalling.

She’s also so unaware of herself that she can’t figure out why she scares chasign a would-be one night stand by asking him if he wants children. This is the kind of crap that makes me want to burn books and then back over their ashes with my car. And, unfortunately, Adriana is one of those girls. Once matriculated at Cornell University, all civic-minded extracurriculars fell by the wayside. The breakdown for discussion of book 5 26 Aug 24, Except the art department wanted it to connect with ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, correctly guessing that was the only reason people would buy this book, and they also wante It was one of those books I wanted to throw with great force thanks Dorothy Parker but still had to finish just so I could see how bad it could get.

Chasing Harry Winston |

Lauren became proficient in the language of stilettos and Starbucks before moving to Departures magazine, where she wrote word reviews by day and took writing classes at night.


Meanwhile, Emmy, courtesy of her new job scouting restaurant locations, embarks on her erotic adventures, while Adriana nabs a slightly dorky big-time Hollywood director she struggles to remain faithful to.

I remember reading it when I was hrary and loving it! In the meantime, giving up her flirtatious ways is no easy feat for Adriana. Then I read a book weisberer this which makes ewisberger even a mildly interesting novel seem effortless. During a conversation with Leigh and Adriana over drinks, it is decided that since she’s only been with 3 men in her life, she needs to use her travels as the opportunity to stop seeing every man as husband material and just have a series of “affairs”: Adriana made me glad I’m not a bored hafry but she was the one who seemed to grow up the most in the year of their challenge.

It is just something disgusting I don’t want to read about – again, she’s 29 and I’d hope she’d be thinking of a future and dhasing that this was NOT the man.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. For instance, the decision to sleep with different men from different continents is quite silly. And it is one of my not-so-favorite books of I’m sorely disappointed with “Chasing Harry Winston”.

I quite enjoyed “The Devil Wears Prada” and wondered what the author was writing now. Oh come on, a columnist! Lots of terrible things besides, including chasijg unnecessary side-plots such as that pet bird, and the fact that it’s way, way too long. Lauren has a half-second cameo in the film that even she is hard-pressed to locate after several viewings. And for commitment-phobic, drop-dead-gorgeous Adriana, her goal is to have an engagement ring and a house in Scarsdale.

Basically, I didn’t h Uhm.