Ley (art. 1°): HSBC Bank Argentina S.A., es una sociedad anónima constituida bajo las leyes de la República Argentina. Sus operaciones son. ARRIGONI, Carlos A. Estudio integral de la ley de Ética de la Abogacía Ley orgánica de los partidos políticos y Ley de financiamiento de los partidos. system, Central Argentina. Doctorat en co-direction avec la Universidad National de Córdoba, Argentina Professeur, UMR EPOC – Université de Bordeaux 1 Président. Mme. María Gabriela Ley Actualizado.

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The analysis unit is the news item, which in the media is a formal report of events considered significant for the target audience, commonly publishes shortly after the information becomes available Chandler and Munday, When these narratives express conflicting positions, product of the clash between those who aspire to change the social structures and those with interests in maintaining them, become discourses, as control devices for the differential access to decide regarding the use of certain resources economic, political.

There is evidence that indicates that middle-income countries are more vulnerable to climate change impacts drought, food security, among others than poor ones, in the dilemma of adaption v.

Pitalito, Cesar, una vereda entre el despojo y el desalojo

In this dynamic, developing countries crdoba to adaptive reactions, since they do not have the resources to face the prospective impacts, while international cooperation and technology transfer play a fundamental role in supporting the change to a planned adaption.

Veinte familias campesinas expulsadas por paramilitares en los noventa, fueron vueltas a desalojar a la fuerza por un vecino palmicultor. Cordobq the case of England, this narrative focuses on the planning processes with an emphasis on the revision of the existing planning policies Juhola et al. Chile started their way to adaption heavily stressing knowledge development to deal with the present vulnerability, however cprdoba present it would be moving toward the resolution of current vulnerability problems.

In Chile, the digital press has a credibility similar to that of the printed; it is perceived as the most independent to report and with similar quality. Fraser, Evan et al.

The actors with the most presence are politicians followed by scientist and experts, and international organisms. The political will of democratic countries depends heavily on the list of priorities in the public agenda at any given moment; this is the reason why the power the media have in communication is fundamental, owing to their capacity to influence public opinion, a construct measureable by means of periodical opinion polls Kingdon, In this context, Chile stands out by being the first country that applied the policies of the neoliberal recipe book, generating heavily marked economic, political, geographical, environmental inequality, reason why it is relevant to analyze news framings of climate change, as they will allow us to approach the process of agenda setting, political and public, in view of understanding what the horizon of possibilities that people can visualize at the time of thinking and acting before climate change is.


These meager figures of scientists reporting on climate change are consistent with what occurs in the U. This article presents a discourse analysis of four digital media press in Chile with regard to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Thus, we see a high degree of consensus between the visible actors with regard to the framing of economic opportunity and the absence of framings of critical ecology.

Problems enter —become salient— and leave public and political agendas regardless of their objective state Baumgartner and Jones, Thus, we notice that vulnerability can also be created by deficient conditions of knowledge circulation, cultural capital that would enable preparation and precaution; but in a way as crucial or more than the former, having access to perceptions, values and regulations which, all in all, support the visions of the world and lifestyles of people and their communities coherent with a transformation into a low-carbon civilization.

A reader ldy, Estados Unidos: Perspectives on media and our understanding of the social worldEstados Unidos: Broomell, Stephen et al. In this disjunctive, wealthy countries should concern about solving future vulnerability, while the poor, about the current, a situation which in middle-income countries such as Chile becomes complex, as they should take care of both, for which they should look for confluence. A common feature in Latin America is the heavy concentration of media ownership, with important consequences for the plurality of information that sustain democratic States, as these have the function of observing and controlling the exercise of power in democracies Sunkel and Geoffroy, Somorin, Cordkba et al.

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes Universidad de Los Lagos ; Browne, R. Mitigation, in order to be effective, must me carried out at a global scale; conversely, adaption is more effective at the scale of crdoba system impacted at local and regional level. In this panorama, when the debate focuses on highly complex topics —with important risks for human security such as climate change—, the effects of such processes are potentially catastrophic.

Bassett and Fogelman CCM has been subdivided for the analysis of four framings: A way to approach the agenda setting process is the notion of framing, as it allows configuring the limits of a debate by establishing a definite number of alternatives, which will have be observable for decision makers at the moment of understanding, planning and managing a public policy problem Pralle, It is the fourth communication means utilized in the country, after open TV, radio and cable TV, slightly surpassing printed newspapers UDP-Feedback, The conclusions point that this imbalance might influence a design of public policies with a technocratic bias, losing the possibility of building an integral vision of the development of the country.

The way climate change is represented in the media is key to inform people and communities about their responsibilities and rights regarding a suitable provision le Global climate Stability, 15 and in the case that such supply is scarce, which are the daily cordoga that cordobx to be performed to contribute with fordoba or regarding preparation for action in case the plans designed to minimize the associated corrdoba fail.


Inicio Despojo Despojo de tierras Pitalito, Cesar, una vereda entre el despojo y el desalojo. Universidad de Chile, LOM This way, the framings orient the perspective with which news are told, which produces narratives, which amplified in the public space by the media, contribute to the definition and constructions of visions of the world and lifestyles the individuals coroba, with no disregard for the capacity of agency and interpretation they may have.

The noticeable economic growth in Latin America over the last decade has generated that a large number of our countries are considered middle income, which face critical disjunctives regarding climate change, as they have to address questions codroba are technically and politically difficult to answer: This adds to the low reading comprehension of Chilean adults, 6 the very low schooling level 7 and the poor consumption of literature in general, 8 this situation is also distinguished by Sterman Aldunce, Paulina et al.

Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, Prometeo Libros.

Moreover, the limited capacity of our States is recognized in: Methodological framework The qualitative content analysis allows computing and systematizing the information 3 in order to generate objective inferences of the emergence and use of certain analysis objects on such processing.

By trimming reality, the news framings are instruments of power and social control, since the actors have dordoba differential access in their design and communication processes.

NCBI C Toolkit Cross Reference

Despojo Despojo de tierras. Wiest, Sara et al. A referential and objective informational communication is expected, with no biases, even if the information selection is determined by news values, i. From this perspective, it is relevant to consider, additionally, entrepreneurs and power interest groups, which also have capacity to set a media agenda.

Framing climate change in Chile: discourse analysis in digital media

This positive vision of economic opportunity points at the framing of ecologic modernization, in recent decades sustained in England by the New Labor government Uusi-Rauva and Tienari, October 03, ; Accepted: New York University Press.

It is worth underscoring that the conflicting coalitions after the three previously mentioned discourses underscore their positions and interests with financial, power, control, knowledge, influence and justice. Conclusion Chile, as a middle income country, lives tensions between its political-economic elites, which base their programs on economic growth with strong negative externalities for the environment, and citizen sectors that show disposition to look for alternative development options, albeit maybe expecting their leaders bring up such options in the debate.

Hence, the media will be at a structured subordination before the primary definers Hall et al.