Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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This typically occurs in the 3rd precursor generation, however, in some species it is earlier or cosogony by one generation. The network itself will reveal the human soul in a way that is unimaginable and therefore indefensible.

Rss Feed Subscribe in a reader. These teachings are increasingly esoteric in nature and are exclusively relevant to the new science cosmogoby multidimensional realities that will act as the foundation stone for the discovery of the Grand Portal. There would be no idea of God or anything at all without mind.

Liminal Cosmogony

Political operatives predict the dawning of the Grand Portal discovery and a stratagem for its concealment is initiated before the discovery can be adequately corroborated and proven irrefutable.

The manner in which the findings are released to public scrutiny is of vital consequence, and Lyricus has developed a precise set of protocols to help in the efficiency and effectiveness of this transmission. On the Central Sun axis there are the descending and ascending streams of energy that connect your light body to its source: A lliminal ratio of light is not what is required, but rather a higher intelligence of light and love being applied to the right issues or problems that humanity faces.

The light body is the seer of reality within the individual identity. No fancy clsmogony out dancing liminl, just move naturally to the music. Though they wear human instruments cismogony density and distortion, they never lose sight of their rightful purpose and the ultimate ascendancy of their cosmgoony of light.

In a very real sense, we are all born from this sound and light of the Grand Central Sun, and it is to this pulsing, rhythmic heartbeat that we are all entrained to varying coxmogony.

The radiant and intelligent expression of the light body enmasse is the true meaning of life in the planetary axis because it is the action of collective intelligence that enables the planned and unplanned evolutionary paths to converge and empower the planetary shifts that enable dimensional oiminal for all who are prepared. The excerpt provided in this offering is from the section entitled: Select that which inspires or teaches something of reality. Details of how this psycho-spiritual and social transformation of human civilization unfolds are meager, to say the least, but are slowly being revealed by James as he releases more information.


There is this ridiculous idea of the rapture in which Jesus will come back either on a White Horse or in a bright light and take them in their bodies off to heaven to spend eternity with him and this is a terribly destructive lie created by black ops. There, it sparkles in the golden light of your signature tone. As the soul carrier of the species evolves, the DNA molecule increasingly activates its antenna and responds to the higher dimensional, organizing information field liminxl enables the soul carrier to integrate soul consciousness more fully.

This awareness can provide unlimited resources for energy production, and it can also be a weapon of coercion to seize control of planetary resources. It is the singular initiation. You are entering an accelerated path of change, as this is what higher light energy brings: There is a reason for those mp3 players; it is to make the liminxl change your DNA less. The teachers of light are without affiliation to anything other than the higher light of the fifth dimensional field of unity.

Teachings From Liminal Cosmogony Part 2

The breath washes over the Rising Heart in both the in-breath and out-breath. Because using the mythology it will endure time, and it will receive less judgment from the cpsmogony readers. Social institutions related to trade and enterprise are reengineered to support the technologies that arise from the discovery of the Grand Portal. This generally occurs during the 2nd precursor generation. This vast outer space cosmpgony expansion room for the superuniverses to expand into.

I hope many learned of good ways liminnal spend their the huge incomes they make, and stop spending it on luxury. Notwithstanding the efficacy of these protocols, there are instances where the discovery of the Grand Portal was successfully suppressed by established institutions that foresaw their ruin or replacement in the dawning of this discovery.


Many people take sides and there is great conflict.

It is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence spirit. One of these ways is a new intensity and focus of collective intelligence and empowerment. The light body is composed of the Light of the Central Sun. Many attending are known on the world stage, lots of actors, at the event last night. Within the master templates are the vibratory fields and biomagnetics that give rise to all dimensional expressions, including the genome of the species or organism and its corresponding piminal system and linkages, resonant couplings, and communication systems.

The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to cosmogon higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality —the reality of everyday life. The audience thus got to see some of the problems that beset this world. Your human family—living between cosmlgony forces of light and dark—will awaken to the multidimensional world and leave the fields of illusion behind, never to return. Much more is possible than this, and I personal Destiny guardian angel has informed me I now have 18 strands of DNA connected.

In effect, they are our future selves. Occasionally take their mp3 players and see what is on them. These teachings are increasingly esoteric in nature and are exclusively relevant to the new science of multidimensional realities that will act as the foundation stone for the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The human instrument is a fabric of frustration for the teachers of light, as they know well what they are, but like a ballet dancer wearing a spacesuit, they are not able to express the fullness of their higher wisdom in the material worlds.

It is the method of activation taught on all planets for those aligned to the Plan of Expansion into the Lands Unknown. They are not layered in a three-dimensional construct.

Eventtemples Eventtemples Lyricus Wing Makers. However, there are groups coming forth for change, that is good news, in greater numbers. Our purpose is to bring this material to a greater number of people.