Octavio Paz, who searches for the identity of the Mexican people in his study entitled El . In section IV, “Los Hijos de la Malinche,” Paz explains how the word . Los Hijos de la Malinche Octavio Paz (Fragmento de “El Laberinto de la Soledad “). all Mexicans as hijos de puta (sons of raped women) or los Pachuco s and Key words: Identity, Mexico, Pachuco s, La Malinche, Octavio Paz, Gloria AnzaldĂșa.

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We know that the Conquest coincided with the apogee of the cult of two masculine divinities: This separation was a necessary and inevitable act, because every life that is truly autonomous begins as a break with its family and its past.

It is impossible not to notice the resemblance between the figure of the macho and that of the Spanish conquistador.

Her passivity is abject: He is a humorist. This conception of social life as combat fatally divides society into the strong and the weak.


Despite the differences in salary and way of life, the situation of the technician is essentially like that of the worker; he too is salaried and lacks a true awareness of what he creates. Only a Spaniard can speak with authority about Onan and Don Juan. The machines he operates are not his and neither are the things he produces. In Spain chingar means to drink a great deal, to get drunk.


Everyone under their rule suffers from it.


The following selections come from pages of the Grove Press translation by Lysander Kemp. This explains the success of the contemptuous adjective malinchista recently put into circulation by the newspapers to denounce all those who have been corrupted by foreign influences.

Each keeps watch over the other because every companion could also be a traitor. This phenomenon of a return to the maternal womb, so well known to the psychologist, is without doubt one of the determining causes of the swift popularity of the cult of the Virgin.

Death is celebrated but at the same time repelled because of the uncertainty behind it. It has as many shadings as it has intonations, as many meanings as it has emotions. El verbo chingar indica el triunfo de lo cerrado, del macho, del fuerte sobre lo abierto. He is power isolated in its own potency, without relationship or compromise with the outside world. Nuestro recelo provoca el ajeno. In this shout we condemn our origins and deny our hybridism.

The Mexican works slowly and carefully; he loves the completed work and each of the details that make it up; and his innate good taste is an ancient heritage.

The word has sexual connotations but it is not a synonym for the sexual act: O dicho de otro modo: Nor does he want to be descended from them. It would be worth while to examine that verb.

The Spaniards also abuse their strongest expressions; indeed, the Mexican is singularly nice in comparison.

Man is nostalgic and in search for communion. He relates its origins to the Conquest by the Dr and the submission of Indian women, represented by Malinche.


As he molds them he also molds himself. Jalinchethen, is to do violence to another. He is the Stranger. En Colombia, chingarse es llevarse un chasco.

Women in World History: PRIMARY SOURCES

La Chingada es la Madre abierta violada o burlada por la fuerza. The hijo de la Chingada is the offspring of violation, abduction or deceit.

True or not, the incident reveals malincche inexorable rigor with which the logic of the absurd is introduced into pctavio. Hidalgo, the “father of the fatherland is a malicnhe old man, more an incarnation of the people’s helplessness against force than an image of the wrath and power of an awe- inspiring father.

Otros reflelan nuestros problemas actuales, pero de una manera indirecta, escondiendo o disfrazando su verdadera naturaleza. This is the model more mythical than real that determines the images the Mexican people form of men in power: She embodies the open, the chingadoto our closed, stoic, impassive Indians. They are all machos, chingones. Unpredictability adds another element to the character of the macho. Es probable su procedencia azteca: It is a word that can only be heard among men or during the big fiestas.