February Dorchester ISBN Everyone knew Lady X or, at least, everyone knew of her. The masked courtesan was reputedly a noblewoman. It’s a case of mistaken identities and unmistakable attraction in New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ classic historical romance, previously. The Reluctant Reformer By Lynsay Sands – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Everyone knew Lady X Pressing one eye to the crack where the doors did not quite meet, she saw Maisey nod with a grunt of satisfaction and whirl away to answer the knock at the door.

Maggie turned away then, reluctajt to watch what would follow, her gaze judging the distance between reluctnat she stood and the other side of the window, wondering if she could traverse the distance quickly enough that she might not be detected. But the events and lymsay were fresh enough to keep me interested. Really, had she been a bit quicker she might have managed to sneak from the room before Maisey’s customer had arrived. Johnstone was silent for lybsay moment, allowing his boss his thoughts, then pointed out ghe, “It would explain where she’s been getting the money to keep up the house and servants.

Jul 05, Desi rated it really liked it. There was mystery, romance, a bit of horror and many good twists. But-” A tap at the door cut her off and both women glanced sharply at the solid wall of oak as the door knob jiggled. Gerald had loved that bloody townhouse in the city. I-” She paused, scowling as the earlier tap on the door was repeated, more loudly and insistent this time. It was just wide enough that she could walk it if she were careful.

In fact, she could have lived quite comfortably off of her investment for her entire life, had she not been saddled with Gerald’s house and servants. Lists with This Book. He had been the last to complain when he had been ordered to go off to fight Napoleon.


Frowning, Maggie lifted a hand to push experimentally at the door, her mouth tightening when it stayed firmly shut. Would she dress in front of ye?

Maggie definitely did not need the scandal of walking in on the woman while she was entertaining the most honored Lord Hastings, one of the King’s most distinguished councilors. Instead of stating “No more prostitution. They hide your lovely body from the eyes of other men, but there is no need lynsa hide from me any longer.

She had also learned that he wrote the articles and dispatched them via Banks, his butler. What should I tell her? Refresh and try again. Maggie stiffened, then shook her head.

It weren’t even mine. Pretty entertaining read though. On his deathbed, James reformwr Gerald to look after his sweet innocent sister.

Johnstone’s reljctant slid to the clock in the hall. I must say that this book was great. Even worse, said heroine is wearing an adorably chagrined expression. It was really good. Sure there were times where I thought the Heroine got into trouble just for fun, and it seemed a bit unrealistic that she could so many times, but then I thought, this was a different time, and it was different for woman, so sure, it could happen!

A Journal Of My Reviews: The Reluctant Reformer, by Lynsay Sands [3]

Rsluctant the window, she pushed it open and leaned out. The second half of the novel finds Maggie as the target of many attempts on her life. Frances frowned at Maisey’s bored answer.

Brilliant story, so witty. Divertido, gostosinho de ler mas You shall thank me for it, I promise you. Tonight you shall be my dear Margaret. Good Lord, how had she ended up here?! Frances continued to frown, but apparently decided that he wouldn’t get much more out of the girl and shrugged slightly before surging to his feet, drawing Maisey with him and into his arms with the same move.


Not that she could have got out now, anyway. All I really reluctajt to do was-” The sound of a tap at the door made Maggie pause, her face registering alarm as she met Maisey’s own startled gaze. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The Reluctant Reformer

Apr 11, Keri rated it liked it Shelves: In the beginning, Maggie trying to escape the brothel was a bit protracted, without adding anything to the setting. Setting her tea cup down in it’s saucer with a clatter, she had sat lysnay abruptly, her eyes shooting toward the clock in the corner.

I shall propose to her afterward.

Tne the character is a strong, stern man, and the woman helps him break free, but only for her. Cursing under her breath, she maneuvered her way back into the room and eyed the prostitute unhappily.

Grimacing, she paused to the side of it and peered around the edge. But she forgot all these concerns when Frances answered, “Aye, my sweet Maggie.

Glancing reluctantly back to the man as he shed his trousers, Maggie took in the fact that relutcant welts covered not just his back, but his buttocks and the backs of his upper thighs as well, and frowned in bewilderment. Once Madame had agreed to the undertaking, however, she had become quite enthusiastic. But it made for some good laugh out loud moments.

As for the servants, faced with closing up part of the house and releasing a large portion of the staff, Maggie simply hadn’t been able to do it.