Macroscope [Piers Anthony] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Piers Anthony’s most loved works! A great interwoven exciting story . A “hard SF” novel by Piers Anthony, who usually writes fantasy, in which mathematics forms a basis of communication between humans and intelligent aliens. Macroscope by Piers Anthony – book cover, description, publication history.

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Into this hardware scenario Anthony sends a very enigmatic individual, one Ivo Archer, note that name choices are important herean apparently normal person who happens to have some very wild, super-genius level talents in certain very restricted areas, to help determine what these messages are and why they are so destructive.

The plot involves, among other things, an extension of the Peckham Experimentmathematicians John Conway and Michael Paterson’s game of sproutsastrologythe poetry of Sidney Lanierthe history of Phoenicia, and commentary on the value of a dedicated teacher of a subject contrasted with a practicing engineer of that subject attempting to teach it, all in a kaleidoscopic combination.


Not to worry here folks. Macroscope is a science fiction novel by British-American writer Piers Anthony. While there was enough material to stretch over several books, I’m thankful for the readerly ease that helped me finish it under a week. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I am writing this to let you know…. Macrons are not subject to many of the effects that interfere with light, and as a result the macroscope can focus on any location in space-time with exceptional clarity, producing what is essentially a telescope of infinite resolution in the space-time continuum.

Using it, they are able to explore space like never before. While inadvertently viewing the destroyer signal with Brad and a Senator visiting the project, only Ivo survives the experience.

How they pull this off and what happens from this point is mind bending. Anthony also explores the concepts of logic and understanding, especially through Afra. Then I ran into a couple of his works at a thrift store and thought I’d give them a try. This took six months to complete, keeping him “pinned” during the interval. All well and good, but jebelas I recently discovered, also means “mountain” in Arabic, a rather less exotic language than Old Moorish.


It was plain for all to see, unfortunately, that the book didn’t remotely come close to achieving any of these. The group decides to hunt down the source of the destroyer signal in an effort to turn it off. It has a 4. During a mock trial following Brad’s death, Harold explores the differences between emotion and logic, demonstrating that Afra’s deliberate clamping down of her emotions led her to subvert logic.

I remember some good references to astrology, which resonated with me when I read it. Refresh and try again. I call these my literary babies. It is, however, chalk full of Anthony at the top of his brilliant, mind-blowing best.

Macroscope by Piers Anthony

But piegs they may have longed for it, not even the most brilliant minds could conceive of a device as infinitely powerful or as immeasurably precise as the macroscope, until the twenty-first With this instrument, man now has the power to discover any portion of any alien history it can find via the macroscope. Really quite terrible, which piegs why it took me so long to finish. This is something that constantly frustrates me because this book is a serious, complex, mind-expanding tour de force that seriously deserves to enjoy a wider audience as well as a spot among the towering works of the field.

But then it turned out to be a poorly constructed hook, a badly envisioned starting point designed to get the reader elsewhere – to the macroscope. Piers is a self-proclaimed environm Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six.

Written in circaanthon any of it seems dated even today, if you discount some fairly recent events such as our discovery of exo-planets. It is overlaid by a “Destroyer” signal which is a major madroscope in the plot for the rest of the book.


In this alterative universe, the s is acceptably rife with racism. Place your bets people. Afra attempts to cure Brad by shocking him while he is being reconstituted from the liquid state, but the attempt fails and Brad is killed. Loose and rambling with annoying stereotypical characters that made me think it was mwcroscope in the s when women were only either good wives or good-for-now.

There’s a place in the middle where we get the novel’s best: Thanks for telling us about the problem. This reluctance is cause for some misunderstanding with Brad’s girlfriend, Antjony Summerfield, with whom Ivo falls hopelessly in love.

I must have been about 18 I’m guessing. I don’t know that I’ve ever read a science fiction work so packed with good ideas and so utterly ruined by failings of execution.

My classmates and I played far too much of this during class. This probably deserved another star, but I just wasn’t in the mood for some of it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

American science fiction novels American novels science fiction novels American fantasy novels Novels by Piers Anthony Triton moon in fiction. At the risk of pirrs some of the most boring fiction ever written: To outrun the space cops, all they have to do is activate a beam from the alien radio signal, which turns them all into a pool of goo and magically activates again later to turn them back.

I don’t know if i’d read it again, or recommend it to a lot of people. In case my 5 star rating is insufficient to persuade you to try this book, I prepared the following comparison scale to chart the exact amount of awesomeness contained in the story. The lovely Rydra soon figures it out. And there is shat sat on my shelf for four years being unread.