Weaving magic with his wise words, legendary poet Harivansh Rai penned down Madhushala, the poem that resonates the meaning of life. The poet here again is telling the reader that he will go to any extents, like boiling The range of the verses of Madhushala is wide: wine and the tavern or. – Explore Vijaya’s board “madhushala” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Hindi words, Harivansh rai bachchan poems and Lyrics.

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Madhushala : A balance between rebellion and romanticism

Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They started closing the shutters of the tavern, as soon as they were raised.

Each day, O lovely woman, this wine-maiden, my youth, distances itself from me. O Beloved, if they ask maduushala caste, say only that I was mad. Lost memories serve the wine, that intoxicates with pain.

Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Obituary “. Weep over my corpse, if you can weep tears of wine. Join today for free! Pyaas tujhe to, vishv tapaakar poorn nikaalonga haala, ek paanv se saaki bankar naachunga lekar pyaala jeevan ki madhuta to tere upar kab ka vaar chuka aaj nyochavar kar doonga mai tujh par jag ki madhushaala The poet here again is telling the reader that he will go to any extents, like boiling this world to make wine or dance on one leg with an empty cup, to make this collection of Madhushala pleasing to the reader Priyatam, tu meri haala hai, mai tera pyaasa pyaala, apne ko mujhme bharkar tubanta hai peenevaala; mai tujhko chak chalka karta mast mujhe pee tu hota ek doosre ko ham dono aaj paraspar madhushala The poet says that the reader is the wine and he himself is the cup and by filling the cupthe reader will become an alcoholic.


He said three things:. Previous post Next post. Bear me on your shoulders, if you stumble drunkenly along. If you want a glimpse of how beautiful this poem is, then watch Big B reciting just couple of verses below:.

When you bear my corpse, pallbearers, remember this! I will bookmark your site and take the feeds additionally? Only once is the game played and are garlands of lamps lit.

Madhushala – Wikipedia

Share it with your friends: Whatever the vessel in my hands, it feels like a goblet. If you can wet the earth somewhere, my soul will be satisfied. Journals July 25, at 7: He has been filling his inner self with this wine and has been consuming it through his imaginations. And sit somewhere, having filled the Ganga with wine. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your mahushala address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

She fills my goblet and passes it curtly to me. Madhushala was part of his trilogy inspired by Omar Khayyam ‘s Rubaiyatwhich he had earlier translated into Hindi.

Until you succeed, sacrifice your comforts and sleep. Harivanshrai Bachchan must have published some 30 collections of his poetry.

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How much love can I give and how much can I drink? It’s impossible now, to change the course of your direction. All the rubaaiaa the plural for rubaai end in the word madhushala. Madhur bhaavnaaon ki su-madhuar nitya banaata hoon haala bharta hoon is madhu madhusjala apne antar ka pyaasa pyaala utha kalpana ke haatho se svayam use pee jaata hoon apne hee mein hoon mai saaki, peene vaalaMadhushala The author says that he madhuahala been making wine poetry of all the nice feelings and experiences of his life.


Also by having the reader winethe author cup is brimming with joy and that the book Madhushala madhshala incomplete without the author and the reader Bhavukta angur latha se kheench kalpana ki haala kavi saaki bankar aaya hai bharkar kavita ka pyaala kabhi na kan bhar khaali hoga lakh piye do laakh piye paathak gan hai peene vaali pusthak meri madhushala The authors asks the reader to mahushala his imaginations run wild,as if u r drunk while reading this book.

Only once every year, the fires of Holi are lit. Call not the name of God, but call to the truth that is the tavern. If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can advise?

Madhushala: Poem and its meaning in English

Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments. Call it not lava, though it flows red, plem a tongue of flame. Every face dissolves into the features of my wine-maiden, And whatever be in front of my eyes, they fill only with visions of the tavern. I shared my drink with a Muslim guy, and a Buddhist paid the bill most of the times because he could afford to do so.

We have reached there, a few steps are we from the tavern, Hark! LoveBeautyPainSorrow and death have been discussed very well in the poem. Ah, Beautiful, your lovely face is like a crystal bowl, Whose precious gem is your beauty, sparkling like sweet, intoxicating wine. Are you forbidden to make a hut where you find peace?